About Us

What is a Community Health Centre?

Community Health Centres are non-profit community-governed organizations that provide primary health care, health promotion and community development services, using multi-disciplinary teams of health providers.

North Lambton Community Health Centre, as one of a network of CHCs and Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs) across the province, is committed to a new Community Health Centre and Aboriginal Health Access Centre Model of Health and Well Being.
CHCs and AHACs offer a range of comprehensive primary health care and health promotion programs in diverse communities across Ontario. Services are structured and designed to eliminate system-wide barriers to accessing health care and harmful forms of social exclusion that may lead to an increased burden or risk of ill health. Although each CHC and AHAC across the province is different, because they respond to the specific needs of the communities they serve, each follows the same model to promote health and wellbeing.

If you would like to learn more about the Model of Health and Wellbeing, please click the wheel below. 

Health and Wellbeing Diagram

Primary Care

Our multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers and dietitians provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment and referral to other health care professionals when required. Our primary health care team also advises our clients on how to improve and maintain their health as part of holistic primary care.

Our Mission

Working with our communities, we provide primary health care, health promotion and community development, with a focus on people who face challenges to accessing care.

Our Vision

Healthy People, Strong Communities

Our Values

Our Guiding Principals and Ideals

  • Person-Centred Care
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Excellence

Who Do We Serve

Our priority populations include seniors, First Nations people, farming families, low income, youth at risk, moderately mentally ill and families with young children.

We provide some primary health care services for people who are not a registered client as our capacity permits. This includes those whose physicians have made arrangements for us to see their patients for a defined period of time. Tourists are encouraged to seek medical care from a local Emergency Department or Walk In Clinic.

  • Bluewater Health, Sarnia
  • Emergency Dept.
  • 89 Norman Street
  • Sarnia, Ontario
  • N7T 6S3
  • Tel: (519) 464-4400
  • CEE Hospital of Bluewater Health
  • Emergency Dept.
  • 450 Blanche Street
  • Petrolia, Ontario
  • N0N 1R0
  • Tel: (519) 882-4325
  • Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital
  • Emergency Dept.
  • 395 Carrie Street
  • Strathroy, Ontario
  • N7G 3J4
  • Tel: (519)245-5295
  • West Middlesex Walk In Clinic
  • 17 Frank Street
  • Strathroy, Ontario
  • N7G 2R2
  • Tel: (519) 245-1609
  • Grand Bend CHC
  • 69 Main St East
  • Grand Bend, Ontario
  • N0M 1T0
  • Tel: (519) 238-2362

Our Area

Which Area Do We Serve?

North Lambton Catchment Area

The area bounded on the north by Lake Huron shoreline, on the east by the Ausable River "cut" and the Lambton County boundary, on the south by Highway 402 and on the west by County Road 26 (Mandaumin Road).

West Lambton Catchment Area

The area bounded by Mandaumin Road to the east, Lake Huron to the north, St. Clair River to the west and the Lambton County boundary to the south.

East Lambton Catchment Area

The area bounded on the North by Highway 402, on the west by County Road 26 (Mandaumin Road), on the south by Churchill Line to Forest Road; on the south by Aberfeldy Line and on the east by the Lambton County boundary.

Accessibility Plan

North Lambton is committed to ensuring members of the community have equal access to the services we provide at all of our locations.

View our Accessibility Plan and our Accessibility brochure. Should you require additional information, please contact us at (519) 344-3017 ext.224.


Why is it important to be a member of North Lambton Community Health Centre?

North Lambton CHC values and appreciates the skills, knowledge and commitment community minded citizens contribute to our society. By becoming a member of NLCHC, you help us build a healthy, strong community. You also recognize our efforts to encourage the people who live in the catchment area to get involved. Members believe in the work we do at the NLCHC and are committed to our multi-faceted approach of health and well-being. Some of the services NLCHC offers address hunger, poverty, loneliness, family and parenting pressures, stress and health concerns linked with aging.

Ready to Become a Member?

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